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hi from Canada

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just found the site.Have been riding the wing since August 08.Cannot think why I waited so long to get one. Hope to meet other Edmonton riders.
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hello and welcome to GWOF bearandladybear,don't feel bad about the wait to get a wing. i git my first wing in '07. which wing did you get
Hey there in Detroit
We ride a 2008 GL1800.Didn't put the CB in yet and do not think I will bother with the intercom. I am adding Iso grips and foot boards both from Kuryakyn. If you or anyone else has added these parts are there any tips?.
Still waiting for the first ride of the year, too much ice on the side roads, cannot get to the main roads.
Have to get to work.
Thanks for the reply.
i have iso grips on both wings. just make sure to use one bottle of glue on each grip
Welcome! Although I live in the States, I do get to Canada on ocassion on business. My main travels there are to Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. I must say that your part of Canada is the most beautiful. Ever since I got my Wing back in Jul 07, I've thought about a trip to Lake Louise and environs. The Canadian Rockies has to be an excellent place to ride.
riding in Alberta and British Columbia

You would always be welcome in Canada. Some of the most beautiful roads you could imagine. A lot of twisties, some endless straight stretches (southern Alberta) lots of wild life, Be prepared to be riding through our national parks and have to stop because the tourists are taking photos of the Elk, Mountain Goats and BEAR all on the side of the road. I still have not figuered out what to do if you are stoped and one of our freindly Black or Grizzely bears comes strolling down the road!!!!!!:) But do not let that scare you off;)
During the riding season you will see A LOT of fellow bikers all enjoying our roads, so COME ON UP.
First chance I get when the cold isn't blowing. :)

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