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Hi from Canada!

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Hello all! Just found this site yesterday, looks interesting. Have been driving motorcycles since i was 10, so that gives me 46 yrs experience. lol. Am on my second wing, first was an 87 aspencade which i drove for 18 yrs, have an 06 1800 right now.
Lost an arm in a motorcycle accident back in 72 and have since helped a couple other guys get back riding who are in the same situation. If any of you out there know of someone who would like a little advice on riding with one arm, just give me a shout.
You all have a great day!
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hello and welcome to GWOF from your neighbor to the south hook2006
Welcome to the forum. You've obviously overcome some tough situations. Glad your still riding and enjoying your Wing.
Riding with one arm must have its challenges?? Holding it up with two good arms can be tough at times. I hope your story will help others see that they can overcome most obstacles if they try. My wife lost her eyesight to athritic medication and has had to overcome a lot in the last three years. This year we got a new 08 and she was nervous to get on at first but now she loves it. Hope you get some respones from people looking to get back in the saddle.
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