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Greetings from Australia,

My name is Michael am 56 years old with around 40 years riding experiance. Always wanted a Wing. Now I have the dream.
I recently bought a 1984 GL1200A ASPENCADE in great condition with only 31,000 miles on the clock.
It was going great till the Stator packed it in.
So I renewed the Stator and Regulator at the same time ( AS YOU WOULD).
Now after 4 months it stopped charging again.
Am thinking of fitting a car Alternator to it, as I do not like the idea of taking out the engine again.
Has anyone had this sort of problems with the charging system failling twice.
Or can any one recommend a good conversion system.
Would appreciate any recommendations or suggestions. As i am new to the Wings.

Bro Michael

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g'day mate. Sorry couldn't resist. I know Compufire makes alternator for 1500, I put one on my bike, but I don't think they make for 1200.
A friend of mine & I were talking one time (he has 1200), he was worried what would happen if his crapped out & did some resaerch found this site & there may be others.Hope this helps.

Oh and by the way welcome to the forum.

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First, welcome to the board.

I'm sure it's frustrating to have the same problem again. Did you buy a new part or was it rebuilt? Sometimes rebuilt are not up to specs. As far as adapting a car alternator to the bike, I'm not sure that would be the thing to do. Motorcycle electrical systems and auto systems have different requirements as far as how much you need and I don't think a stock 1200 has anywhere near the requiremet of a car. Perhaps the site Fossil has suggested can yeild some results. Good luck and I hope you can get it fixed soon so you can get back out there riding.

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There are several posts on different sites about this common problem. The first thing I would do is check the plug that comes from the has 3 yellow wires, the other end of that plug goes to the rectifyer/regulator.
That plug is almost certainly "melted" or fused / damaged (very common). The fix is to eliminate that plug, cut it right out of there and solder the wires directly....insulate with heavy shrink tubing. That according to many will solve this issue.
There is another "fix" that I'm waiting on myself, I ordered a "kit" about a week ago from a place called "Electric Connections" They sell a product that should fix the problems before the stator gives up.
It involves cutting out that plug, and also has a relay that allows the coils to run directly from the battery, putting a bit less load on the rectifyer / regulator. The wiring that comes in the kit is also a heavier guage..Something that ( IMHO ) Honda should have done in the first place!:)
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