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Headset Problem

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Good afternoon;

I have a goldwing 1990 special edition it has a conection for a headset on the front of the bike and it works fine. The problem I am having is that the conection for the rear seat has been taken off. The cable was unpluged and placed in the trunk. I am unsure just where to look for the feed wire coming from the radio. It looks like the cable just needs to be pluged into this agian.

If anyone out there knows where this line is located could you please let me know. Should I remove the seat and look under it? I just don't know at this point but I assume the line is there.

I just got the bike one year ago and have not had time to get the head sets. Just got them but can't find the conection for the rear seat.

Thanks for your help.........:eek:
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you may have to get the shop manual out for that one. there is no reason to remove the cord unless the po broke it somehow
Thank you for your response it is greatly appreciated........
there seems to be a lot of members here but they are not very active. i sent you a pm
The connection is under the seat, take the seat off and check for a plug, Honda makes it very easy with color coded plugs.
Head sets

Thanks for all your help I have resolved the issue found the conection it was under the seat. The information provided was very helpfull and much apprecated.

Thanks again to all who responded.........:)

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