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Just purchased a couple of Chatterbox DNR headsets that I planned to use on my 2008 ABS Wing. The bike came with a pair of coiled cords that I assumed would plug into the Chatterbox units but it appears they are not compatible. Looks like thay are Hondaline cords, but I'm not sure. I've attached a photo which may shed some light on the matter.
I'm new to the whole bike communication scene and have a few questions as to what equipment I need to complete my set-up.

1. What cords do I need to go from my Chatterbox DNR headsets to the connectors on the bike? Do I need both the upper coiled cord and the mini lower cord or will the coiled cord plug right into the headset?
2. Are the cords in the photo Hondaline units and can they be adapted to work with the Chatterbox headsets?
3. If the answer to question 2 is no, is anyone interested in purchasing the 2 Hondaline cords?
Froggy, did you order the Chatterbox DNR units new? If so the last one that I ordered came with everything needed to plug into the bike. Coiled cord that plugs into the bike as well as the cord that plugs into the other end of the coiled cord and into the chatter box unit that mounts on the helmet.

The coiled cords that came with the bike could be for anything? Just throw them away or sell them if you can figure out what headsets they fit.
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