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My '84 Interstate took a rock to the headlight and shattered the outer headlight lens. Where can I find either a used or new lens that does not cost a kings ransom and that does not require that I buy the entire headlight assembly.

Is anyone out there by chance parting out an '84 that would happen to have one?

I did find a lens only on line........but my gosh......they wanted $95.00 for it. $95.00 for a simple clear plastic box.!!!!!!!! GET REAL!!!!!

A while back, a rock broke the left front turn signal lens cover on my '99 Toyota Camry. I went to the Toyota OEM parts site and discovered that a replacement assembly was going to cost me over $100.00. With a little research on line I found an aftermarket part for $14.95 DELIVERED! Are there any such aftermarket parts distributors for Goldwing parts?


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