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head sets

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I just got an 08 navi & I would like to get some head sets for my helmet. any ideas what the best ones.
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... Howdy ... Headsets Are A Pretty Common Subject Here ... You Will Get Lots Of Good Info. ... I Ride Solo So No Need For Me ... But Lots Of Others Ride Dual ... Happy Trails ...
J&M seems to be a popular brand for Wing riders., Sometime they can be a bit pricy, but I've had them for 11 years with no problems.
Me and the little lady are loaded down with J&M stuff. Just had passenger audio controls put on for the little lady and will give them a workout next week on our holidays. I've had a problem with wind noise causing the stereo to lower its volume. The little lady has a mic-mute button so she's taken care of. I have to get a mic-mute for my mic now which should take care of everything.
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