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Two weeks ago I posted a thread about losing Headlights on a trip up North. I stated to Two Wheel Wing that I was going to get into it & keep you guys posted. Story was I just put in H-4 lights, but on the trip the dimmer switch stopped working & we ended up blowing a couple fuses, brought it home without headlights & proceeded to check it out. I pinned it down to the switch itself & it shorting out. Jumped on the net & tracked a new one down from these guys.

They were great to deal with & the new switch was complete with wiring harness & reasonable too. $123.98 w/shipping.

Today the adventure started & believe me I had no idea what I was gettiing into. Started at 10 am & finished at 7 pm. I am happy to say everything worked great, took it for about an hour ride afterwards & NO issues. I'm posting a couple of pictures to show what had to happen to change the switch.


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