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Handlebar harshness

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I hope this isn't a repeat, but I searched and found no threads. Has anyone noticed any harshness or jarring transmitted through the bars on an 1800 from sharp road irregularities like bridge gaps, expansion joints, etc? I don't recall any in my 1500, but it was present in my 1200. My '09 only has 3000km on it (2000mi) so I don't realy want to do any suspension mods on the forks right away. I just noticed a ride report written by a Harley fan who said he thought the bars transmitted far too much vibration. :rolleyes:He spoke of a ham radio operator that had his ham set shaken apart on a Wing. I can't see using a ham radio on a m/c anyway, but I have noticed the shock is more than I expected through the bars.
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Check the front tire air pressure, I have an 08 and I have a GPS mounted on the handlebars and have no such problem.
... Howdy ... Budo ... As Joe Mentioned Tire Pressure Would Cause It ... And Some Tire Tread Designs Will Impart Road Shock ... Happy Trails ...
Here is one thing that I have noticed. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. (I was once back in the 90's; no I'M WRONG 80'S:)). If you are coming upon a precieved rough patch or road such as visable potholes, train tracks, etc. and you wait to you get there to slow down and are holding your front brakes as you ride over above examples you are creating a rougher ride than you would have by riding over them without holding the brake. The reason being that the anti dive is engaged and making the front forks stiff and jarring you more. In other words do your slowing before you get there and then ride over the rough part without the brake and let the front suspension do its job.
Thanks guys. I do realize having the binders on compresses the forks and will transmit more shock through the bars. I just notice that the bars do shake a bit when 'floating' over expansion joints etc. more so than I noticed on my '92. Not real noticeable, and I may be sensitive to it since I read the slam article from the HD dude. Deckers are cushy rides, but never have I equated them to any comparable model of GL. I keep my tire pressure at spec, so do you suggest a bit more?
I sold auto service for many years and noticed a lot of customers who noticed a "harsher" ride when we replaced their worn out shocks.
Thanks roadie. I don't really want to change out the front components on a brand new bike, but if that will make that much improvement, it will be worth it.:)
All of you folks have the nailed it. Tire pressure is critical on our Wings but the front ends are antiquated as they come from the factory. I too have an 08 with just about 2.5k on it and since the riding season here in New England is winding down I'm going to bite the big one and go for the Traxxion Dynamics fix.
Based on what I've read and with speaking with the people at Taxxion, that IS the way to go. However, the nearest service shop that can do it is 900 miles away. That would make for a nice trip on the bike, but then I'm down and out while the jobe is being done. Would likely have to rent a cage for a day or two in the meantime. I've got contacts in the area, so would have no shortage of things to do, but gotta keep the war dept. happy too. Requires a lot of thought.
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