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I have the opportunity to buy a grey import into Australia - a 1996 GL1500 at a decent price.

I have been wanting a Goldwing since I was 17 years old and this may be to good to pass up.

A few questions:
what (if any) issues are there with grey imports.
what should I be looking for (generally & specifically)
price is around the $5500 mark.
what should the compression checks come back at.

Bike appears in good nick, just needs a few cosmetic touches needed. Engine sounds great and revs freely from 1.5 up to 5 and back again. No discernible oil leaks. The bike hadn't been cleaned when I saw it, and while the engine was grubby, that was just because it was an old bike and hadn't been cleaned.
Plastics appeared OK,with minor cosmetic damage (nothing that elbow grease won't fix).

It has Dept Transport (Queensland) compliance plate)

Thanks in advance from a hopeful Goldwing owner.


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hello reyno, wlcome to GWOF. wings in general are pretty trouble free bikes and maybe the one you are looking at just needs some fresh gas or a dose of seafoam
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