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I'm getting tired of moving all this stuff and I've decided to offer it for sale. May find more while unpacking.
1. Hat, red 'Goldwing since 1975' with tags $20.00
2. Hat, black Goldwing with tags $25.00
3. Goldwing golf shirt 2XL $20.00
4. Gray Goldwing shirt '30 years' 2XL with tags $20.00
5. White Goldwing shirt with blue eagle with tags $20.00
6. Knitted Goldwing hat $15.00 new
7. Ladies 2XL gray/black Millennium jacket. New in plastic with tags, bag and hangar. Never worn $100.00
8. Trike t-shirts 2XL; one has a generic trike on it and the other has a GL1500 trike and VW trike on back $20.00 each both are new.
Shipping is included in the 48 Continental US States.
If interested please send a PM
Thank you
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