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I recently received this email, this is for members information. They may want to reply. This forum refers to this site often in the past as a source which may now not be!


You're receiving this message because you are a registered user of

We have recently received a request from Honda asking that we remove virtually all of the downloadable Honda manuals from our web site. This includes almost every manual on the site - the majority of which are over twenty years old, and are not available for sale anywhere, at any price. It includes Owners Manuals for 20 and 30 year old motorcycles - motorcycles whose manuals have long since been lost, and whose new owners come to, looking for information to safely operate their motorcycles.

While we don't agree with Honda's decision, we will be complying with Honda's request shortly. We would however, like to ask a quick favor of you.

We would ask you to contact Honda Motorcycle, and let them know just what you think of this decision. There are over ten thousand registered users who have benefited from - if even a slight fraction of those users contact Honda Motorcycle, it may have an effect on their decisions going forward, and their support of classic Honda motorcycles. We appreciate it, and so do all the owners of classic Goldwings, who have come to rely on for their safety and maintenance information!

Here is their contact information:

Motorcycle Division
American Honda Motor Co., Inc.
Mail stop: 100-4C-7B
P.O. Box 2200
Torrance, CA 90509-2200

Telephone: (866) 784-1870

Thanks for helping out! Keep the shiny side up!
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