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Hi Guys,

At Bigbikemad we haven't forgotten our promise to review the Goldwing - just got a bit sidelined as BMW have asked us to test their K1600GT and S1000RR in the Yorkshire Dales later this month and we've been buying and testing new video equipment for the trip.

It seems to us that most magazines don't quite know what to say when reviewing the 'Wing - 'its big and comfortable' seems to be about it. :D

We're planning something a bit more ambitious - a two part feature; 1800GL first as the latest bike, then in Part 2 the GL1000 onwards... Back-to-front, yes, but it makes sense for us as the GL1800 is easier to get hold of over here and we do want to actually ride them all. Once published you can read them in any order you like. Good coffee time material!

Our free on-line magazine is growing - we don't have a publication date, just ever changing content which then adds to an archive.

Recently we've added some footage of our own in-House Valkyrie - Dolores, a 1997 Yellow and Black Standard. She sure is pretty..

Thanks to everyone who has sent in material - we can always do with pictures or articles and all credit is given. We continue to promote this site and the GWOC (no site about BIG bikes would be complete without the Goldwing).

Ride safe


AKA Hedgehog
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