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Hope this may help others.
When I got '95 SE 9+ yrs. ago, discovered lot of oily grime on rear wheel, when removed for new tire. Checked r/e oil level. T'was overfilled and BLACK! Wing only had 17,600 mi. on it. Drained r/e and cleaned as much black sludge from innards as possible, thru fill AND drain hole, using clean rag on a finger. Changed r/e lube FOUR times[with a ride after each refill]before oil finally drained clean!.
REMEMBER: Grit in dirty oil damages seals; shortens their lifespan!
To prevent overfill, used plastic baby bottle, marked at 4.7 oz. line w/black permanent marker. This way, would NEVER overfill, which is the SINGLE most common cause of r/e oil leakage and blown seals! One of the long, narrow funnels, available at auto parts stores, is very handy in preventing a mess when servicing. And, lastly: Someone had put the fill cap on SO TIGHT, I damaged it on removal; had to buy new one. It only has to be tightened logically; NOT reefed down!. 'nuff said. TTFN.:)
....Old Tom aka papasmurf in NH
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