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A tip that may proove useful to others at some time;
My 78 GL1000 has had an oil leak since I bought it, it was from the neutral switch. The Haynes manual states, "Remove clamp, bend frame 2mm and withdraw". There is not a snowballs chance of bending the frame. I spent a good few hours trying to get it out, here's how I eventually did it.
1) Remove all 4 front end exhaust pipes,
2) Drain Oil and Water
3) Support engine and remove all engine mounts, and triangular support side plates.
4) Remove bottom hose and pump cover, get new gasket first.
5) Remove two bolts behind top of radiator that supprts the front cover plate, and engine bars if fitted, allow it to move up slightly,
6) Remove left hand frame section, lower section,
7) Move engine to left, only need around 10mm.
8) Remove neutral switch clamp, mine wasn't fitted as it turned out, hence oil leak, but it cannot be seen "normally", oil leak was getting significantly worse. Use circlip pliers to remove switch, just twist and pull.
9)Remove 'O' Ring
10) Drop off wire,

Replacement as they say, is reversal of removal.

It sounds a lot, but it should be easily done in 2-3 hours.

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Did this work my self on my 1977 GL1000.
The work is exactly as mentioned by Steve, only thing I didn't do is "4) Remove bottom hose and pump cover, get new gasket first."
Requires a bit of working with the neutral switch to get the O-ring off.
I didn't use the original O-ring which is 17.7X2.7mm, but the O-ring from a 2001 CBR900RR oil filler cap.
The dimensions are very close 18X3mm and it fits well.
If it will not work, I will post a message here.
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