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I'm new at this so please be patient. I just bought a 1976 GL1000 with only 16,900 miles. It looks great. It had a lot of maintenance done (including timing belts, tires & all fluids) 3000 miles ago but that was in 1998. I have 3 questions:
1. The engine sounded good for my test ride but now, above 2500 rpm, I hear & feel bad rattle-type vibration. I'm worried. I won't run it until I get it looked at. Any ideas?
2. The starter sometimes won't catch & goes "wiiiiiiiiiiiing". If it does catch & turn over the engine, it rattles-on for a few seconds. What do you think is wrong?
3. The tires look fantastic (no sidewall cracks) with only 3000 miles on them (Bridgestones) but are 12 years old. The bike was always garaged. Are they safe to run or should I replace them?
Thanks, Rennie.
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