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first timer looking for advise

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Ok I am looking at touring bikes now and I found a 95 20th anniversary wing with 24k miles on it. Has alot of options and chrome on it and comes with a trailer for about 9k. my questions are...

Is this a good price?
Can I use this as a daily rider?
MPG on it?
Is the comfort on these bike as good as everyone says?

reason I am looking is I currently have a Honda VTX and it just doesnt fit the bill for my better half on long distances cause of all the customizing on it I have done so I have it up forsale now. Right now it is between a harley ultra glide and the above wing. I am leaning to the wing being a honda man.. :)

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... Howdy ... The Asking Price SEEMS ON THE HIGHSIDE ... DO A KELLY BLUEBOOK SEARCH AND SEE WHAT PRICE THEY HAVE ... I Have Owned Harley's And I Keep Coming Back To Wings ... Yes Very Good Daily Drivers ... My 85 1200 Ltd. Averages 45-50mpg. ... Comfort Is Very Good ... I Would Inquire More To The Owner About The Service And Any Repairs That Have Been Done ... Happy Trails ...
I have the same wing in green. Pain 4500.00 for it with 150,000 miles. ( seems like a fair price witth 45000. A bit high but then any deal that makes both buyer and seller happy is a good deal. I get around 40 mpg on it. Really a bit more but thats what I count on.
I agree with the other posters. My research gives the bike a value of between $5,800 an 6,900. Allowing for low mileage you might add $500. I don't know what the trailer is so it's hard to place a value on it. I think an offer around $8,000 would be more in line, but like lonewolftx said it's what you and the seller are happy with.

It is a great bike for daily use. I had a 98 GL1500SE and it was really quite touble free and I probably averaged 40mph.
hello and welcome to GWOF deadstroke, your betterhalf will be much more comfortable on the wing and you'll love it too
My 2 cents follows:

1-Price depends on too many things to comment. I think if it has the trailer & lots of Comfort goodies it probably is fair, but again lots of variables. Comparatively 3 years ago I picked up 95SE 20th anniversary with 27,000 miles for & $6,500.00 which I thought was steal.
2-Great for daily rider, however I picked up a Nighthawk for quick rides, the Wing is a bit big to get out to go a couple miles.
3-Put a tall Slipstreamer windshield on last year MPG about 42 riding 2 up.
4-Comfort is Great & only gets better with aftermarket goodies. I asked my wife when I got my Nighthawk if she wanted to go for a ride & I quote "NOOOO":rolleyes:. We have gone well over 500 miles occasionally & have no issues at all.

Good Luck if you decide to do it.
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