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2005 Goldwing trike, 45000 miles. Leaving Cruising The Coast in Mississippi, we stopped and filled up, always use premium. We didn’t make a mile when the FI light came on. Started running rough, temp started climbing, pulled over and it killed. Started right back up. Thinking bad gas. Got it home, drained gas, put fresh gas, seafoam. Runs good until it warms up then same thing. After much googling, Clymer manual, etc. I brought it to the dealer. They were able to pull the code for right knock sensor. My question is can bad fuel cause all of this? ECM ? Or just coincidence.
Thanks for any ideas.
Just about guaranteed it's the computer.
I know firsthand.
Get a new one through Honda.
I had hit a speed bump about 10 minutes before the light.
Tried 2 used ones and they both died.
Around $700 for a new one.... working great.
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