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A neighbor of mine came to me the other day and asked if I could help him sell a Zumo 665 and bike mount and gxm 40 antenna with some Harley parts. He said he took it off his Harley some years ago and it has been sitting in his garage on a shelf. I told him sure but I would have to check it all out before I sold it. So I checked the Zumo and bike mount,antenna out. All worked perfect except the audio out on the audio cable I repaired the cable and it is working 100% now.
I also added a 16 gig sd card with updated maps. The original maps are from 2011 and the sd card has 2021.10 maps on it . I hooked it up to my bike and went for 150 mile ride and it performed 100%. I did not check any Harley parts as I don’t own a Harley !!!!!!
He is asking 265.00 obo shipped to lower 48.
I have PayPal.
I will send it ups with tracking number.
If you have any questions please pm me...... Thank you
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