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I'm having an issue on a '19 Tour DCT that I bought as leftover/new in Aug2020. I'm assumimg it's related to the July2020 update. Only seems to happen when I've connected Android Auto via USB and is somewhat rare and very intermittent. WHen changing screen function/display, even just zooming the map, I occasionally get the 'This Function only allowed when vehicle is not in motion' error (or something close to that) This is regardless of whether the affected function is on my Android phone or native to the Wing. Whatever function I'm using (like music) still runs fine, but controlling it or going to "Home screen' or scrolling to other functions is locked out until I come to a COMPLETE stop and the screen frees itself. So far, I believe it has only happened when I have Android Auto connected via USB. Once it resets, I'm good. Doesn't happen again for days sometimes, but sometimes after just a few hours.
At first I thought it might be heat-related to the phone in the foam 'envelope' that came with the bike. Stopped using the padding and it still happens.
I believe I have a good quality braided 6-inch USB-C cable. (The cubby is crowded enough without a foot of cable snaking around everything!!)
Looking for thoughts and opinions for spring thaw.

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