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I copied the below information from another brand motorcycle forum. Thought it might be of interest to some on this site. I do not know the person who posted it, so I do not know his expertise.

First, I have no bones to pick with Deltran or their products. I am just relating an incident that happened to me and want to give others the benefit of my experience.

My Battery Tender Plus was purchased from an on-line vendor about 5 years ago. Price was discounted compared to Deltran's site and I've seen others selling them below list price. It worked fine for the past 5 years. This year I got a funny flashing of the lights and shut it down. I suspected a power surge might have confused the circuitry. I put back on the battery the next day and it seemed to work fine and go thru it's normal cycles.Yesterday, I was curious about the condition of a battery for my HD that I managed to leave with the ign switch in accessory position overnight. So I put it on the charger and also connected my DVM to monitor the voltage. After going thru the normal cycle and switching to float charge, which is their storage charge setting (all automatic) the voltage crept up to 17.9 VDC. That is way too high. I called them and they confirmed. They said try it on another battery and call them back. I did and on a much larger battery the float went up to 15.2 volts, plus I could also read a 32.6VAC voltage across the terminals. The light sequence of the charger, however was normal.

So, my message here is if you have a Battery Tender Plus, I would suggest you connect a DVM across the battery terminals to monitor the DC voltage when charging so you can avoid over-charging the battery. My HD battery seems to be fine, but I'm sure I've shortened its life by boiling off some H2. It's a sealed, AGM battery. I cannot top off the electrolyte with distilled water.
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