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I'm looking to buy my first 1990 to 1995 vintage Goldwing. I'm trying to develop a list of things to remember to look at before I conclude whether or not I am interested enough to pay for an inspection by a Honda mechanic. Any suggestions on how to improve this list would be appreciated. Thanks.

general info

  • Interstate: a no frills Goldwing
  • Aspencade: Reverse, cruise, on-board air compressor, AM/FM/Cassette
  • SE: Same as above plus adjustable passenger floorboards, lighted spoiler, cornering lights, foot warmers and CB.

initial telephone contact

  • mileage
  • clear title
  • maintenance records
  • accidents
  • electrical/mechanical issues
  • willing to do dealer inspection

in-person inspection

  • where stored
  • odometer
  • trip reset
  • clear windshield
  • clear headlights
  • clear gauge windows
  • rear view mirrors L/R
  • paint/plastic condition
  • wind deflectors
  • air vents
  • seat condition
  • back rest
  • storage compartments
  • storage locks
  • luggage rack
  • tools
  • manuals
  • helmet(s)
  • intercom
  • side stand
  • center stand
  • driver foot pegs
  • passenger foot pegs
  • feel under any tip-over guards
  • belly pan cover
  • muffler corrosion
  • timing belt replacement (40k to 80k miles: $250)
  • front brake
  • rear brake
  • brake pads (30k miles: $200)
  • tires (10k miles: $350)
  • front tire
  • rear tire
  • clutch
  • throttle
  • shifter
  • reverse
  • L turn front/rear/dash
  • R turn front/rear/dash
  • headlight lo
  • headlight hi + dash light
  • hazard light
  • horn
  • radio
  • speakers
  • CD
  • CB
  • antenna(s)
  • cruise control
  • kill switch
  • neutral light
  • engine gauges
  • spare fuses
  • other dash lights/controls
  • start/run for a while
  • oil: dipstick visual inspect
  • test drive

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Wow, looks like you have it about covered. Keep in mind, that mileage even up to 200k is acceptable, if there are good maintenance records. If it feels right and sings to you, give it a chance. :)

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Hi and Welcome, Great list just check with you local Honda mechanic or shop of choice and see if they work on the year of bike you plan to purchase. Some dealers refuse older bikes or charge more. The good news is with this forum any info you need is just a question away there are many helpful and caring people on this forum.

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Wouldn't worry too much about helmets, as they must fit right to do you any good. Nice to get if they fit, but no deal killer if not. Other than that, you have it down. Honda does recommend timing belt good for 100,000. But with age, you are probably correct on how many miles on that one. Good luck. Someone on the forum has an older one for sale, look for it on opening page. down towards bottom. might be newer than you want, but would be well taken care of.

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Age of the battery? I've had good luck with the Diehards I've put in, going 4 or more years. I'd only get 2 years on any other battery.

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Looks like a thorough list and someone has done their research.
There's a member on the forum who just listed a nice looking 1500 with low miles.

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It has officially be turned into a 'Sticky' and easy to find.
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