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With the ride-off center stand where do you set the rear shock at? I know I can easily put my older 2001 on it's center stand if I have the shock set at 20 or higher. My 2005 I have lowered by 1 /14 inches and had the ride off center stand and could never put it on manually or otherwise. So, I put the stock center stand on and sold the ride off. Also because my 2005 is lowered I have to run the shock to 25 and use a board under the rear tire and can get the bike up easy when I do.
I am FIVE FOOT SEVEN with inseam of 29 inches and thus have the bike lower. But I am thinking of putting it back to stock. Having it lowered causes problems going over speed bumps and the need to use a piece of wood under the tire to get the bike up.
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