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This depicts an experience I just had with an eBay supplier. My complaint, his answer, my comment:

hmmm.....Seems like if the dealer is aware of this, he/she would put forth a disclaimer "These kits come from my supplier sight unseen, they may or may not have parts you need, they may or may not fit your exact carburetor, and you may have left over parts. Fit not guaranteed, even though the description implies your exact application. Buyer beware."

Quoting Sportingforless :

thes eare the only kits made for your bike, if you need some extra parts you may need to source them from a honda dealer. This is one of the bad parts about working on a 30 year old bike. You only have what is still available to work with.

On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 10:27 PM, <[email protected]> wrote:

Recent order shipped quickly, + feedback, but now that my carbs are cleaned and I open the packages, I find that the parts aren't correct. The brass parts that go in the top of the float tank are nothing like what's in my carbs, and the O-rings don't count out right. The float tank gasket is shaped slightly different at the circular area, but it looks like it will work, although I have not opened the celophane. The marks on the packages match the order. My bike is a 1981, I checked the original title. The bike is all original, serial number SCO201BA111267 and the carbs are Keihin VB 48AASI. Your invoice shows a website for mikuni.
What do you suggest?
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