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Before you go ripping your forks off and apart, check this out. I had a leaky fork on my FJR and used this product and stopped the leak. I did go ahead and change the oil but fork repair was not needed and saved a ton of money with this. If it works, don't knock it I always say.... :)Isaac
Well, I'll be! Pretty slick, Isaac!:cool:

I'd try this first, in fact my right fork weeps a bit and just replaced them in Feb!:mad: I'll bet this will work for me.

If it doesn't work for you, then you can pull the forks and have them done, so your dealer/shop needs to quote just that work. Or, you can rebuild them yourself easy enough. The toughest part is removing and replacing the top nut. Having a heavy-set friend (perhaps a wife?:p) lean onto the socket or wooden dowel will make removal without squirting washers and such all over easy as well as installation.

The next time I'm in mine, I'm definitely installing Progressive Springs. Heard too much good about them not to. Good luck!
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