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Has anyone seen a response from Cody on a solution to this electrical problem ? It sounds like his bike has two separate electrical issues if he initially blew the Main (B) 100 Amp fuse and one of the 30 Amp (ABS) fuses. Each of these circuits are on a different wiring leg.

The Main (B) 100 Amp fuse is directly between the battery and the alternator. This B+ Fuse source also powers a parallel string of much smaller fuses. You’d think for the Main 100 Amp fuse to blow an internally shorted Alternator would be suspected.

The Main (A) 70 Amp fuse sends B+ power directly to both the (Front and Rear) pump motors and ABS Monitoring circuits protected by a pair of separate 30 Amp fuses.

I guess both problems could related if the insulation of a common wiring sleeve had melted together or rubbed through to ground somewhere ? I’m no expert but from helping on a few 1800 bikes, chasing through their harness can be a real challenge.

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