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First thanks to all of you that help answer many of my questions over the past weeks. I'm now the prowd owner of a 1998 GW SE :D

The bike did not come with the basic owners manual so I don't have any basic operating instructions. Rather than list every subject, I thought I just try one general subject per day to ask about.

So today is the radio day !

Many of the radio controls I get but there are a few that I don't.
(It also came with a CB which I won't be using for now)

Buttons located on center console

1. Button for AMB is for what and used how?

2. Button for Pro/Ch is for what and used how?

3. How do I set the radio stations in memory? Holding the M button while on a station does not seem to work.

4. Button for mute does not seem to work?

5. What the button with the triangle symbol for? Next to M button.

Knobs controls (center console location)

1. What is IC control for?

2. What is AVC for?

Right Handle bar grip thumb control pad

What is the trigger type switch do and how?

Thanks for any help and if anyone know of a online owners manual for the 98's, please let me know. Sevice manuals don't tell me who to operate all the controls.
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