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Just to let everyone know that two friends and I (all Valk and wing owners) are starting a new website aimed at riders of BIG bikes. We tend to own a range of machines - not just Wings - from BMW tourers to sports bikes and cruisers. The common thing is that they are all large capacity machines and we enjoy touring.

We really want to feature some material on Wings - pictures , reviews, owners opinions, good farkles... anything really.

So if you fancy internet fame then just log onto the site ( and send reviews or whatever to
dave (at) There is a prize for the best one received before Christmas.

The Wing has to be THE big, big bike and we would like to feature it as an example of just what can be achieved with MEGA engineering!

We all have day jobs, and this is just a hobby at present.

We'd be happy to give Gold Wing Owners site and club some free promotion too... yours is a great site.

Just one other thing - the our humble effort is still under construction - not much up yet - so please be patient - its coming!

Cheers Guys!

Dave (AKA Hedgehog).

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Cheers for the offer Dave. I'm sure there are some members that can offer some beneficial info to your new site project. Just try not to get so busy over there that you don't have time to pop in here for a boo at things.;)
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