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Hello, Winger:

Today I want to display my Dream, as well as my challenge. I have been persecuting this dream for many years, and at last, I have taken the chance to aim it.

Like all wingers, the motorcycle is my passion. Whenever I mount over my Honda Goldwing, the world disappears around me, just then, I fix my eyes on to the highway, feeling the breeze sliping though my face and staring to all things crossing my way. The sufferings disappear, the bitterness of work then whipes away leaving all daily worries to a second plane. And just being alone there in that world, my bike, myself… and you.

After many years thinking about it, I have finally decided to do it: I am going to travel around the Globe riding a Honda Goldwing GL 1800. And you might be thinking that I am one of so many people that have tried for it. Yes, it is true, but my challenge has one different factor: my budget is going to be of 0 Euros. And how will I strive for it then? It is simple; my challenge is at the same time my company. Note, it is not to make money, but to cost all expenses made by the project. By means of sponsorships, on one hand, and by striving for diverse actions, mainly of advertizing (like the sale of diverse merchandizing Click Here to check! ), on the other hand, I hope to have the budget necessary to approach it.

My idea consists of crossing 198 countries from the five continents in the following years. And for it, I will need many things that you will be able to see in detail at my website But there is something I am not able to obtain with traditional means: your aid. That is the most important thing for me. The Wingers are known to be comrades and supportive with other wingers, and I know that without your support and collaboration in it, this dream will turn very difficult to achieve.

You may ask yourself how it is possible. It is easy. Perhaps someday I will appear in front of you doorway, tired, sore from many kilometers, dirty, hungry… Anything that you might do in this sense will help. Perhaps, it is just the motorcycle and not me who is tired, sore, dirty or spoiled. Maybe you might want to help me to get rid of the dust, wash the mud worn from the trip or, protect the bike from the rain, the snow or the sun. Perhaps, if you live in the middle of nowhere at 200 kilometers from the nearest mechanic, you may check and test the motor. Perhaps I got out of gasoline, or I punctured a tire… Perhaps you may offer me lodge for some nights at your home, or give me company while we chat, eat something or rest.

Perhaps by just giving me a few cheers, it will be sufficient, or by indicating me a route in a map. Or, why not? , you also could ride your Goldwing side by side some kilometers with me and merging in that peace, those feelings of independence, these wonderful sensations we only perceive onboard of our Goldwing which we cannot describe with words. Any thing.

The project´s website ( where you will obtain information and details of how to contribute and help me. I wont bother you more until next time…

Hugs, Juan Miravete Lopez


If you visit my Web you will see that it has been equipped with “an automatic translation system” it works with more than 40 languages in real time. It consists of a automated system where no meat and bone take part. Therefore it is important to consider that it does not offer accuracy as from a native one. The final result therefore is not as precise as the one that would employ of a professional translator. The automatic translation is very complex, since the meaning of the words depends on the context in which they are used.

Also you will see there are some sections that are working with texts, photos and videos that are used for testing as to other dues that has to be finished… (Still we are working) but my desire for showing my project still all over this matter.
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