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This is a Goldwing day-trip Solo aimless ride to Hyner view State Park.

Ride report summary:

Departure time 7:30am

Arrival time at home 6:45pm

Total saddle time 9hrs 32min

Total break time 1hr 46min

Total GPS miles: 551

Highest elevation 1,984 Ft

Got lost 3 times, Not paying attention on I-80 west Lock Haven exit, I was finagling w/ radio i missed the exit to Lock Haven Rt220 North, i took the next exit Rt this point i dont know where i am?:D Says there Lamar PA, i had to pull over and ask.

The ride was fun & uneventful. No dropped bike, No dropped helmet, No deer strike. Saw lots of cruiser bikes & sport bikes.

Click here for pics:

Enjoy !!
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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