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I placed a modulator on ‘13 Goldwing, or Electrical Connections did, that in daylight hours you turn on high beams and high beam starts continuous flashing. I did this for safety reasons and desire to be seen.

At first I felt conspicuous with them flashing even though I could not see them. Only could see reflection on objections in front of me that my lights were flashing.

Then I noticed that people were looking with wonderment as if to say “....why is that motorcycle flashing it’s lights?” That’s when I said “Hey that is reason I got them, wanted to be noticed"

I have had drivers pull over as if I were an emergency responder and have people slow down in interstate till I came along side and yell “HEY, YOUR LIGHTS ARE FLASHING”. I just nod and given a thumbs up, like thanks for info.

I typically only use in city or heavy highway traffic.
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