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About bluetooth intercom connection and music

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Hello everyone,

I have recently gifted myself with a beautiful 2022 Blue Goldwing Tour DCT.
The bike is stunning and I already did the engine breakdown with a trip with my significant other.
I have connected both intercoms to the bike, mine appears as "1" and hers as "2".
We can still talk to each other pushing the button on the intercom, but the problem is that when I send the sound of the motorcycle radio to the headsets, neither of us received the sound, so no music shared during trips.
Is it normal that just one of the intercoms would receive the sound signal? both of them? none?
They are both Sena systems, if that helps...

Thanks a lot in advance for your suggestions and best regards from sunny Spain ;)

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I can't speak specifically to Sena as I only use Cardo and don't own a GW (yet), but I can say that this problem isn't isolated to Sena. I think it's because when the communication units are in "Intercom" mode, it won't allow for music playing/sharing. I'm not sure what the exact solution is. Maybe connect the systems to each other first via Mesh or BT, and then connect them via BT to the bike for audio?

Best of luck, and enjoy the GW, it's a gorgeous bike!
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I don't have an answer for you but that sure is a gorgeous blue!
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Which Sena units do you have? There are multiple units that are current - some are helmet specific, some are more Bluetooth defined, and then there are the open MESH units that are prepped for group riding (MESH being pushed as "vertically" unlimited connections).

I have the Sena 50s /Freewire 2.0 because I have a pre-2018+ wing. Sena's documentation (and most YOUTUBE videos) are advertisements.

Might be more of assistance when I know which Sena you have. . .
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