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a ride with my nieces

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yesterday i took a planned ride with two of my nieces, chandra rides a 1200 sportster custom and nikki rode my 450 nighthawk. before we got on the road my other niece lisa called and said she wanted to go so i told her to meet me at my house ( we were at chandra's house ) and she could ride my 1200 wing. she hasn't ridden a bike in about four months because of an accident on her bike and needing to heal. we only rode about 80 miles and everyone enjoyed their ride. it was good to see lisa smile and back on two wheels
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i usually have my nephew on my 450 around the neighborhood ( he will be 16 next month ) but i see an '84 aspencade in his future. he said he wanted a sport bike, how sporty is a goldwing -)
... Howdy ... Goldwings Be 'high Class Sporty' ... Happy Trails ...
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