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87 Final drive gear splines

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Well... I'm in a real pickel with my "87" Wing ! The final drive hub on the rear wheel has worn out and so has the internal spline of the gear assembly. I've got 63K miles on the bike without any failures now this. EVERY tire change incorporated a good Moly greasing to the splines. ANY suggestions for a repair? Thank you, Metalstech
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hi metalstech, we've replaced a lot of rear wheel hubs on gl12s but only one internal spline hub. a used final drive assy would probably be cheaper than a new carrier let alone installing the carrier. try a new wheel hub into your final drive first to see how much play there is. too much grease holds dirt which can turn into a grit that eats parts.good luck.
Thank you 2580! The carrier is pretty bad, almost to a point! I just finished a 3500 mile trip from Chgo. to Fredricksburg TX. thru the mountains and thats when I really could feel the backlash. I made it home though. I've got an 84 wing final drive and I thought I could swap out just the ring and pinion assembly. It looks like the 84 and 87 have the same part # assemblies but not the cases. What do you think? Thank you again, Metalstech
sounds like you have a very good solution to the problem, it's an easy job. good luck.
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