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How much attention did big cran get by the police?

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1998 GL1500 187k on the clock
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Big Cran made some people mad but a lot of people pumped at the 99th annual Laconia Bike Week. Fun fact brake fade is a real thing on heavy bikes that can actually move and handle. If anyone has recommendations for pads or rotors please feel free to chime in.

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Burned the midnight oil after leaving the mill in North Haven, CT at 6:30pm went home packed nothing got some cash out the atm and headed 91 north. I met up with my friend george and we proceeded to see how 187k goldwing fares against 2016 FXDB with intake pipe and cam plate. He pulls on me from a roll and a dig. I kept up bar to bar with him in the twisties until big cran brake faded OOPs.
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