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Just got back from a bike trip to Branson Mo and Illinois with my lovely wife. We were pulling a trailer with luggage and “essentials.” Trip spanned two weeks. Got lots of “thumbs up” from people in cars…guess there is something about a cycle on the open road!

We had to opportunity to attend an informal reunion with some old Air Force friends we were stationed with in Germany, see some of the sights, and do some riding…then on to Illinois to visit my family and some of my high school friends. On the way back we stopped in West Memphis, Arkansas to visit an old AF buddy I hadn’t seen since 1973. Then another stop in Fort Worth to see one more AF friend I hadn’t seen in about five years. All in all it was a great trip!

The trip up through Dallas was 104 degrees…with the traffic, it was really nasty! We ran into rain for about 100 miles from Springfield Mo to the east…then it cleared up. Other than that, the weather was not bad. I had busted my butt to get an American flag the day before we left (mine had started to tatter from the previous day’s ride)…borrowed one from one of our members (thanks, Tom)…somewhere in Arkansas it went airborne! Bummer!!!

Got sick three days before getting home…made for a couple of extremely long days!

• If you can physically only do about 400 miles a day (we are senior citizens), a motorcycle is not really that economical
o What you save in gas, you more than make up for in motels
• Sheepskin cover for the seat was TRULY worth the price!
• Will likely take the cage on trips of a 1000 miles or more in the future…when you are the only driver…you are the only driver! It’s like the Cubs pitching staff…there ain’t no relief!
• That being said…the ride was great!

Stats for the trip are as follows:
Total miles 2597.8
Gas averaged $3.449gal
Avg mpg 36.3
Total gas cost $245.71
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