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Greetings Goldwing Community! :D

Hopefully my "new guy" post won't come off as too annoying.

My dad has a 2008 wing and rides with my mom. They've been talking about getting new helmets, but rarely buy anything for themselves. Being that they've done so much for me this past year (hard times), I'd like to "repay" them buy getting them both new lids.

They both really seem to like the Nolan helmets, my dad a 3/4 helmet, and my mom a modular. I've looked online and seem to have an idea for prices, which are lower than I expected. This is a good thing. :p

Thing is, I know he wants to get the com systems in them. Unfortunately, he seems to want to get the JVC brand systems installed in the helmets, and I'm not sure how compatible the Nolan helmets are with a different brand com system. For reference, he'll need a system with rider to rider, bike to rider (radio/CD player), CB, and GPS to rider (Zumo). No cell phone. Any help in this department would be appreciated as far as which system to get, and if they'll be easily installed in the Nolan Helmets.

I'm looking at the Nolan N42 for my dad, and the N102 or N103 for my mom. As far as sizing, I won't be buying the helmets until after I get their sizes. I figure I can surprise them Christmas morning with photos of the helmets, then get them fitted afterwords.

Cooincidentally, I'm looking at the N30 or N20 for myself, with leather goggles, for that old-time cafe look when I ride. But this thread isn't about me. :D

So, in conclusion, I would like:

-Advice/Info about JVC com systems fitting in Nolan helmets
-Advice/Info about popular choices for 3/4 and modular Nolan helmets among Goldwing riders.

Thank you much, and I look forward to the info. :cool:
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