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In this post, I did several new mods to my 2021. My previous post was the back end mods, this is the Front End side.

1. Installed puddle lights
2. Installed Volt Meter
3. Installed Power Charging port in Cubby for USB-A and USB-C
4. Made bracket mounts for two RAM ball mounts for center Console
5. Installed Charging cable for Iphone holder (external)
6. Installed Passenger USB-A and USB-C charge ports

A. Splitter and two Power Taps from Electrical Connnection
B. Volt Meter
C. Two surface mount USB-A and USB-C
D. Honda Puddle Lights.
E. Electrical Connection Parking Brake Interconnect

Sheet Metal for making Mounts

Tools: bunch of them...
Time: two weeks, (pulled apart, waiting on supplies/parts and engineering all this) :)

Holes drilled, small hole for power and two small holes for screws, 5/8 for wireloom in cubby
Small hole for power on passenger audio plate. two screw holes for mount.
Two holes for Honda Puddle Lights (OEM) (not pictured here as these are standard accessory)

Land vehicle Speedometer Vehicle Trip computer Motor vehicle DC 12V Car Digital Voltmeter Gauge - AIMILAR LED Display Voltage Volt Meter for Car Motorcycle (Blue) : Automotive

Power Volt Meter - hand made bracket mount using single screw on the back side of the console. (real pain to use but i like mounts to stay.) good location to see voltage even in bright light.
Powered off the Auxiliary power port under left radiator cover. Also showing Ram phone holder on left and RAM ball mount for GPS on right side of console. Finished look. Since it is ram ball and short arm I can adjust phone for easy viewing. Not stuck on the handle bar or up in the wind.

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive lighting Automotive exterior

Located the flush mount power adapter here near the bikes USB. Panel Type C USB Car Charger Socket Power Outlet with Cap, DAMAVO YM1288 Dual Port 12V/24V Quick Car Charger for Cars, Bus, RV, Boat, Automotive Marine ATV Truck Golf Cart (Surface Mount Installation) : Automotive

That way i can use same cable that is charge only to also hook up for bike interconnect or car play. Otherwise I just use bluetooth. Next photo shows where I made the 5/8 hole with diaphragm plug and routed the loom the wire slides in. Using the loom, I can pull wire in and out to power the external phone and take up slack.

Under the left radiator fairing there is an Auxillary power plug. Electrical connection makes a Y splitter what works perfectly. I don't have the honda power accessory connected, so i used the Y splitter and two Power Taps to 1. power the volt meter, and 2. power the cubby charger ports.
Honda Goldwing / Tour Fairing Power Splitter & Tap – Electrical Connection

Motor vehicle Hood Cable Electrical wiring Automotive exterior

Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive lighting

Passenger Surface Mount connection. Wired to Pathfinder power distribution Aux.
and next with the cover off.
Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive exhaust Motor vehicle Bumper

I also installed the Electrical connection DCT parking brake interconnect.
Honda Goldwing / Tour DCT Parking Brake Interlock Harness – Electrical Connection

I did not install the flasher, and that works as designed.

Enjoy,, FB
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