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Here are detailed photos of the support system that goes under the plastic and ties directly to the frame. These replace the OEM light gage sheet metal. They are a combination of 3/16" & 1/4" steel.

Had to do a little grinding to clear the underside of the plastic.

With the plastic installed again. You can see the female end of my Jiffy-tite quick disconnect. You can also see the hole drilled into the plastic for the line to run in. If I did't have a passenger, you can run it between the seat and the plastic where the OEM passenger back rest goes.

The top plate that everything above the plastic mounts to

Here is another one I built yesterday for a friend who in in this year's Iron Butt Rally (the big dance). He has a 2022 DCT bagger. My mount is the same except, that his will have the ability to move the tank forward or backward up to 3 inches.

There will be corresponding L brackets welded to the bottom of his tank with holes at 1" increments for adjusting the position forward or back. His tank will serve as the luggage rack with a removable 1/8" 6061 ALU plate that he can use to strap stuff to.
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1 - 2 of 33 Posts