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The Honda Gold Wing is a veritable icon among touring motorcycles, offering an unrivaled blend of two-up luxury conveyance and a level of sporting prowess unheard of from a 900-pound bike. It's a combo of capabilities that hasn't been matched by any other touring bike. More than 640,000 GLs have been sold since its introduction way back in 1975, becoming an American-made motorcycle in 1980 with the GL1100 model that was built in Marysville, Ohio.

The latest generation debuted in 2001, boasting an aluminum-framed chassis and stout and smooth 1832cc six-cylinder engine that made it king of the long roads. Now, a year after moving production from Ohio, to Kumamoto, Japan, Honda has delivered a revitalized Gold Wing for the 2012 model year.

While not an all-new machine, it has several notable comfort and convenience upgrades, including additional luggage capacity, an improved audio system with surround sound, and a faster, more fully featured GPS system. Visually, the '12 Wing distinguishes itself by restyled (and two-tone) side fairing panels and swoopier saddlebags.

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