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Hi everybody second post to the forum I have a couple questions:

the door ajar indicator lights appear to be a fairly common headache with the first generation 1800. I have watched the YouTube videos describing how the strike plates come loose periodically how they are mounted in plastic and generally succumb to the pounding of 20 years use.
I also found a fellows post where he added a Kurchian accessory light and lift handle using amount points for these switch strike plates. My beef with this solution is it adds more weight to the back of the box where, in my assessment, the hinges cause so much sideload on the abs panel and the mount points that both areas on mine have cracks —around the hinges. I can see how flinging this cover open flexes that front panel of the trunk and then maybe a gust of wind would really torque on it. Anyway I am wrestling with the prospect of repairing the damage with Epoxy-PermaTex makes an excellent plastic formula epoxy-the other route is an OEM replacement panel. At $184 that says a lot for repairing the damaged one. In the ficheI see there is a replacement part number:

does anybody know has Honda made design improvements to this component I would be persuaded to buy an improved part.

,I have little to complain about with this new acquisition. Covid created some spectacular bargains for used equipment I nearly gagged on my coffee when I saw this one posted.

One other thing: have people had good success with aftermarket Bluetooth adapters on this bike it includes a 3 1/2 mm output for a cell phone my idea is to try a plug-in Bluetooth adapter with my cell phone mounted up top. What’s the best phone mount adapter as my current one is not optimized to grab these square handlebars.
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