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1. The bike is not broke in yet. It has only 80 miles on it. I was a little surprised that there is no mention of break in procedures in my manual, so I am breaking in as most other internal combustion engines recommend. (No quick starts, stops, varied speeds and no Excessive high speed)

2. I have not set the suspension. The manual is vague on that also other that 0-26 settings w/ 0 being lightest. Its @ 0 and it seems to ride comfortably to me other than the previous mentioned bangs.
Mine was like that in the shifting department too. A couple of things are happening. One your timing is probably a fraction off. I was and it took a little while to get it perfect. The other is the break in period. Not a big issue just a matter of getting totally used to your machine. The more I rode the better it got.

I started off with my suspension set at 6 or 7 for just me and it was ok but if I hit a speed bump going a bit to fast the center stand might touch it. Going up to 11 for me is perfect. (I am 210#) The cornering is improved by adding air to the rear as well. I have the #1 button set for me and #2 for when my wife goes with me. At 11 with both my wife and I on it running the tight mountain roads we have here it was easy to touch the pegs and side stand in a curve. Bumping that up to 19 or 20 two up stops that from happening.

Enjoy the wing...flat out the best bike anywhere.
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