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Seat, handlebar + controls

I'll update "sold" when any of this gets sold - and I'll try to keep the pending list updated as well.

Hey y'all,

I've got a 1978 GL1000 on my hands. It isn't running (other than on starter fluid - it turns over cleanly and will fire, but the carbs are varnished). My first bike was a 78 1000 and boy, was she purty. I'd love to own one again someday (but the v-twins CX/GL suit my needs better for now). I'm a long-time member of the Chopper charles forum. This bike is also up on NGW (member there)

I don't see the potential without some major time and $$ investment, neither of which I'm willing to invest right now. I would sell it locally, but it'd sit for 5 more years in someone's backyard (based on the ...ahem..type of people that live in my town).

Hence, it's going up. Anything that doesn't go here will have to be put up on eBay. the old lady won't let me keep it here any longer and I've been dreading the day when it's gotta go. I had some grand plans for it

The bike is title-less but in Indiana it isn't too difficult to get a title if someone was interested in a titled frame. if you want the frame w/o title, I can provide a police affidavit for the VIN check.

My observations:

Vetter fairing is cracked, missing the windshield, and in pretty poor shape. It's probably good for the trash unless someone wants the (one) right turn signal that is left in it. I can also pull off trim pieces if you want them, but I wouldn't put it on my bike with the structural damage that it's sustained. I don't think it'd be safe.

The Samsonite hardbags are in pretty good shape, no keys for the locks (but they're unlocked) and come with the mounting hardware. No fairing mounting hardware at all. Rear trunk is in decent condition.

No exhaust past the headers - so no mufflers. no clutch lever (but the mount is there). No mirrors and no headlight glass (although the headlight glass from the vetter fairing is good). Headlight bucket is on the bike. These are the only things missing that I'm aware of at the moment.

Everything else --appears-- to be there. The original seat is in beautiful condition and should be one of the first things to go. Electrical system all works as it should (although I haven't gotten a chance to test charging, etc, voltage regulator shows 12V at the headlight) The false tank is in good condition, all gauges are there for it.

the carbs are badly varnished, gummed, gas sat in them and almost every passageway is pretty severely plugged. I mean, in years of owning bikes I've never seen any this bad. I'm being up front with you here - if I thought I could handle a job like this I would. If no one here wants them Randakk will get them and I'll let him work his magic on them.

Bike has approximately ~40,000 miles or so (I'll look up the actual mileage tomorrow).

Key + barrel match and work except for the locking pin and the key matches the false tank as well.

Gauges are in good condition.

Master cylinders are both crusty. It'll take some work to get them in usable shape as well. it's all there though.

If you need pictures of specific parts let me know and I'll get them to you.

large Vetter (?) trunk as well. And the rear luggage rack + turn signals (you can see it hangin there in the back of the picture).

the chrome is pitted in places, rusty in others, but salvageable based on my experience. some 0000 steel wool shined a lot of it up.

The right side panel is not missing any mounting tabs. the left side panel (battery side) is missing both top mounting tabs.

Rear and front tires are both displaying dry rot (although I would ride on the rear tire for another 1000 miles or so...I'm a daring one)

Frame displays minimal rust and is structurally sound

Front and rear shocks are both in good condition. They don't feel as mushy as they should at this age (which leads me to believe they were probably serviced at some point).

Gas tank is solid but has some rust.

Due to time constraints I can only ship once or twice a week, UPS or USPS, either way. I'll ship at least once on the weekends and possibly once during the middle of the week...If you want to local pickup, my ZIP code is 47401, and we can arrange this via PM

Any other questions, drop me a PM. I'm not gonna set prices for you guys, it's too hard to price everything at once. Make me offers...but Please don't throw me low-balls for parts, it just wastes my time and I'm a grumpy guy who doesn't like his time wasted LOL.

phone call @ 574.527.3993
or PM


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Basically, if you need anything off a 78, make me an offer on it - otherwise the rest of this stuff is going up on eBay :)
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