I've loved this bike, but maybe not enough. Actually, I was unemployed when it started needing urgent maintenance, and as that never happened, this is where it is now.

Numerous issues - a broken/worn first gear, Vetter fairing windshield, probably needs tires, and certainly rear shocks, a muffler, brushes for the starter, a neutral light switch. Hoses, straps, a taillight lens for the Vetter saddlebags. The engine does turn over with the kick starter, though, so it's not seized. But I don't have the resources to put this back on the road, nor really the desire since I have my '96 Wing.

I've had this listed for several years on Facebook Marketplace, only to have any interested parties flake out on me when it came time to make a deal. I think there's still some value in restoring it, though...maybe there's someone here who wants to, but I have no say if it's just used for parts. Make an offer. More about this in my showcase entry (My old and broken GoldWing). I do have its title, if there's a desire to get it back on the road.