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  1. Markland LowBoy Shift Kit with Floorboards Fits 1995 Goldwing came off Aspencade

    For Sale
    I have a pair of Markland Lowboy shift kit with Brake and Floorboards for a 1995 Goldwing, came off my Aspencade for sale, they are used but really super nice condition, clean and shiny, I had them took of my 1995 Aspencade with 25,000 on it as I wanted to go back to normal, my bike as you can...
  2. Heel Toe Shifter for 2018 and newer

    Other Goldwing Modifications
    Searched all over the Internet and the forums for a compatible heel toe shifter floorboard system for the new GoldWings and can't find anything... I called Rivco and they have no plans to make one so are we SOL for this "upgrade"? I really don't like up shifting with my toes...