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  1. Honda Goldwing Forum General Discussion
    Hi Guys. Having trouble with my 91' GL1500. Will not turn over. -The cruise control light does turn on. -No Green neutral Light. But is in neutral. -No gauges turn on, but the clock works. -No Head lights or tail Lights. But horn and stop light work. -Reverse is not on and the reverse light will...
  2. Other Goldwing Modifications
    Hello, I’m restoring a1981 GL1100 and I can’t find the rubber trim pieces the go between the shelter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Engine Work
    Hello, this just started today. When I press the off switch my engine will sputter and the oil light will blink before it shuts off. Takes about 5 to 10 seconds before it finally shuts off. It still starts just fine on first press and it hasn't done this before. Anyone know what the problem is?
  4. Honda Goldwing Forum General Discussion
    Hey everyone, Posted previously on getting my dad's motorcycle since he passed a few years back and preparing for a NJ to SoCal ride coming up I'm 2 weeks and so far it's been pretty smooth. But I've run into a road block that I don't know how to get past. The bike is a 2000 Goldwing 1500 SE...
  5. Honda Goldwing Forum General Discussion
    What should I do to correct the problem? HEIP!!!
1-5 of 5 Results