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  1. Other Goldwing Modifications
    Hi My bike came pre-installed with fog lights... I think these are bike and part fog lights for F6B... They turn off when high beam is turned on... I see the switch has 3 wires connected through connector and then the wire goes into relay..... as in picture... I want to connect LED strip to same...
  2. Other Goldwing Modifications
    I am thinking of updating all regular bulbs on 2015 F6B to LED as my winter project. Can I update all bulbs? Any which should be left original? License plate.. E6 or T10? Low beam...H7? High beam? Turn signal? Rear turn? Tail light? Any recommendations and model type? Thank you for your...
  3. Other Goldwing Modifications
    I want to install some LED strips around my bike....2015 F6B. Where to start? Where should I install the switch? What kind? Where is the module to connect this switch to power? Thanks
  4. Honda Goldwing Forum General Discussion
    I hope we have some real electrical gurus in here. I am having a problem with my 99 GL1500SE. Periodically, the #8 fuse will blow. I replace the fuse and everything may be fine for a month or two, then it will do it again. While doing some other work on the bike, I decided to convert all of the...
  5. Other Goldwing Modifications
    Has anyone installed the Pathfinder LED's, high and low beams in a 1st gen GL1800 yet? I put the low beams in to start and blinded everyone. Called SoCal they told me to use the manual adjuster to get them low enough. Once I did that my Halogen high beams were aimed lower than my low beams. I...
1-5 of 5 Results