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  1. Honda Goldwing Forum General Discussion
    I'm in the planning stage of my project and have been considering a gl1800 engine for my little subaru. However as it is a rather small car with a small engine, it has a rather small engine bay. So i was wondering if anyone had the dimensions of a early gl1800 engine or would be so kind as to...
  2. Honda Goldwing Forum General Discussion
    Gl 1200a 50k miles No clue what the previous owner did to it specifically, but I bought it it think it was all stock and a lot of the wiring is messed up I think. Right turn signal makes the entire dash blink and turn signal does nothing but left side works flashers blow the fuse that’s...
  3. Honda Goldwing Forum General Discussion
    Hello Goldwing Lovers! I was seeing if someone could assist me in identifying parts that came in a lot of goldwing parts. Trying to identify the year/model of each. The lot of parts was from a late 80's 1200 and an early 90's 1500 i think. It was an "as is" purchase so the guy i bought it from...
1-3 of 3 Results