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  1. Northeast
    Hello, I just recently purchased a 1991 Goldwing SE and I'm in search of a shop to do some maintenance item. Timing belt replacement is the number one item on my wish list, Can anyone provide a recommendation? I'm located in Southampton, Pa. 18966 (30 minutes out of Philadelphia). Thanks in advance.
  2. Honda Goldwing Forum General Discussion
    I hope we have some real electrical gurus in here. I am having a problem with my 99 GL1500SE. Periodically, the #8 fuse will blow. I replace the fuse and everything may be fine for a month or two, then it will do it again. While doing some other work on the bike, I decided to convert all of the...
  3. Honda Goldwing Forum General Discussion
    Well, the subject of the thread pretty much describes what I'm looking for. I have a 1999 GL1500 SE 50th Anniversary Edition. I like listening to the radio through the speakers. It doesn't have a cb, so I'd like to install a good audio system on the bike with a cb. Where's the best place to look...
1-3 of 3 Results