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  1. Honda Goldwing Forum General Discussion
    So I bought a 1979 Honda gl1000 about a month ago. When I bought it, it ran but idled a bit ruff. So I cleaned the carburetors. At the same time I replaced the starter, spark plugs and some miscellaneous lights. But for some reason it will crank and has compressed and spark but won’t actually...
  2. For Sale
    Hey all, selling my 1976 GL1000 after five years of ownership, been a great bike to me but I moved and it doesn't fit where I am now as well as it did before. Mods include tracker handlebars (makes it feel much more agile, but I have the OE bars in case you want them), GPS speedometer mounted...
    $2,200 USD
  3. New Member Introductions
    Good afternoon, I am proud to say that I am the owner of a 1976 GL1000. This is the oldest bike I have owned and the first touring bike I have owned. It is stock on all parts except for the aftermarket Vetter fairing. I am wondering if there are any tips you would give a young Goldwing Rider (19...
  4. Honda Goldwing Forum General Discussion
    Howdy folks, I'm not a mechanic (at all) but bought a 78 GL1000 and am having trouble to make it work. On another post I shared my struglle to make it start and had some help and I figured out solenoid was the issue, fixed it and took it for a short ride. Put back on garage and went for a ride...
1-4 of 4 Results